Orchard Cycling Tour (with picnic lunch)


Matsukawa, Nagano|Orchard Cycling Tour (with picnic lunch)

Nestled between the central and southern Alps, in the southernmost part of Nagano, Matsukawa is known as the “Fruit Town.”
An orchard paradise where locals have grown apples and pears for over 100 years, the town offers fruit picking experiences, fabulous orchard restaurants, a few wineries, and now, an exciting cycling tour.

Hop on a e-bike and pedal through the idyllic orchard belt that runs across the foothills of the Alps!
You will enjoy spectacular sceneries. Imagine the central Alps to the right and the southern Alps to the left. And in the foreground, hundreds of fruit trees bearing delicate flowers in the spring, juicy peaches and plums in summer, and red apples in autumn.

Of course, this tour is not just a feast for the eyes, but to all senses.
You will stop by several farms, where you’ll be able to sample many different local fruits and other delicacies. First, grab a sizzling sausage made with local apple pork, then pick your own fruit at Shirota farm *1(there is something for every season, from June to November) and toast with a glass of sparkling apple juice at Mashino Wine.
(*1_from April to May, there is no fresh fruit, but you’ll get to taste dried fruit snacks)

Traveling with a local guide means you’ll get many chances to talk with people in the area. Learn how to choose the best apples, and what farmers do in between harvests. There is plenty of time to interact.

At the end of the tour, enjoy a picturesque picnic lunch at an orchard. Find a spot you like under some apple tree, lay down your blanket, and discover the gourmet meal waiting for you in your picnic basket.




Meet up at Matsukawa Tourism Information Center
Bike fitting and itinerary briefing


Ride through “Oyorite Woods,” a certified Forest Therapy spot


Stop by SanSan Farm
(Apple Pork Sausage sampling & shopping)



Refill your bottle with spring water at Miroku-ji Temple

Stop by Shirota Farm
(Fruit picking experience and sampling, short orchard guide by farmer & shopping)



Stop by Mashino Wine
Admire Ina Valley scenery at the observation spot
(let’s have a toast with sparkling apple juice)



Arrival at Fruit Garden Kitazawa
Orchard Picnic lunch



Back to Matsukawa Tourism Information Center
End of the tour


Seasonal Information


Our orchards show completely different faces around the year. Delicate white blossoms in the spring, sweet strawberries in June, juicy and fragrant peaches and plums in the summer, and vibrant red apples all throughout autumn.



April is all about flowers. The first ones to bloom are the pink peach blossoms, then one after the other, cherry, pear, and finally, apple blossoms open up and brighten up the orchards.
Nature rarely follows expected patterns, but below you can find in what period the flowers usually bloom.

Peach: First week of April
Cherry: First two weeks of April
Pear: Mid-April
Apple: Last two weeks of April






  • Open

    from April to November

  • Duration

    about 4.5h
     Picnic lunch:1h)

  • Trail information

    Difference in elevation:369m
    Level:Beginner(for people who are comfortable with light exercise)
    ※You must know how to ride a bike to participate in the tour.

  • Price

    20,000 yen/person

  • What is included

    e-bike rental, helmet rental, gloves, English-speaking guide, Orchard picnic lunch, food and juice tasting, insurance

  • What to bring

    Comfortable clothes, comfy shoes, small towel, water bottle or some other drink (at least 500ml), raincoat (in case of light rain)
    *Choose trousers narrow at the bottom (to avoid them getting caught in the bike chain).
    *Avoid handbags when riding. We recommend bringing a backpack to carry your valuables.

  • Max no of participants

    5 people

  • Min no of participants

    2 people

  • Reservation deadline

    5 days in advance

  • Access

    10min by car from Matsukawa IC

    ・From Nagoya:2h by highway bus
    ・From Tokyo (Shinjuku): 3h by highway bus

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