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だんだん好きになる旅 まつかわ

Discover Matsukawa―
Nagano’s southern staircase
You’ll want to come back,
again and again

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What are Matsukawa’s features and attractions?

As a visitor destination, Matsukawa is particularly popular among Japanese people for its terraced orchards that boast not only the best in seasonal fruits but also breathtaking views of the valley.

Many orchards welcome visitors who want to pick and sample fruit, or purchase produce to take home. But there is much more to Matsukawa—its idyllic rural lifestyle draws many people back again and again, and some of these visitors decide to make Matsukawa their home. Matsukawa’s other features include Seiryuen onsen (hot spring), a forest adventure course and tree dome camping, and mountainsides where the prized gourmet matsutake mushrooms grow.
Matsukawa is a wonderful southern gateway to the rest of Nagano prefecture, but don’t just pass through—relax and enjoy the delights.

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Where is Matsukawa?

The town of Matsukawa is located in the heart of the Ina Valley in southern Nagano prefecture, straddling Japan’s long river, the Tenryu.

When visiting Nagano prefecture, there is a wide choice of access routes. If you are traveling from the Kansai area (Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Kobe) or the Nagoya area, Matsukawa is a great place to stop off for a few days on your way north. If you are coming from the Tokyo or Mt. Fuji areas, you can reach Matsukawa via the Chuo Expressway heading toward Nagoya. There are direct bus connections from Shinjuku and Nagoya to Matsukawa. Our town is also only a 90 minute drive from Matsumoto in central Nagano.
Matsukawa is also a great base for sampling many of the other sights and experiences of southern Nagano. To the south, Achi Village is famed for its star-filled skies, and just to the north is Mt. Komagatake, famous for its picturesque alpine trails and climbing spots. Of course there are many other things to do in our region!

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Activities in Matsukawa

Activities vary by season. From spring through autumn, you can try many kinds of fruit picking and sampling. You can also visit apple cidre makers, do approx 4 hours farm experience including lunch. Even during winter we can arrange a rural experience for you.

Matsukawa Town has a traditional onsen (hot spring) hotel with gardens, and forest walks. It is very tranquil and relaxing, and accommodation includes dinner and breakfast featuring an array of local produce.
If you want to be more active, try our Forest Adventure course, or stay in one of the Dome Tents, a recently developed “glamping” accommodation option.
In autumn, we also recommend hunting for matsutake wild mushrooms, considered a seasonal delicacy in Japan.
You can also visit a local buddhist temple and try a meditation session with the temple priest, accompanied by an English-speaking asistant.

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Places to Stay

Tree Dome Minamishinshu Matsukawa

Camping in the forest

Shinshu Matsukawa Onsen Seiryuen

Peaceful stay by a forest

Shinshu Matsutakegoya Baishoen

Cottage stay and Satoyama playground

How to find out more and make reservations?

Explore our web site, and make inquiries through the contact page.
We are here to help you plan a visit tailored to your needs.
Ask away—we’re here to help!

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