Shinshu Matsutakegoya Baishoen


Cottage stay and Satoyama playground

Cross the Tenryu river to head east and drive into the mountain, there you'll find a quiet rich satoyama playground. The area is loved by locals and has been well protected that you can experience picking rare Matsutake mushrooms in autumn. But for now, visit here to leave yourself with the comfortable flow of time.


  • Address

    6009 Ikuta, Matsukawamachi, Shimoinagun, Nagano Pref.

  • Website

  • Phone


  • Access

    20 mins drive from Matsukawa IC

  • Parking

    Up to 10 cars, no charge

  • Check-in


  • Check-out


  • Price

    From 14,000 yen per cottage

  • Rooms

    4 cottages
    20 tent sites in the camping area

  • Meal options


  • Facilities

    2 of 8 tatami mats room, Kitchen with a dining area, Washing room, Bathroom and Parking

  • Pets

    Not allowed

  • Baths

    Bathtub and shower

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