Tree Dome Minamishinshu Matsukawa


Camping in the forest

The Tree Domes are surrounded by a forest and set up at a few meters above the ground where you can feel the gentle flow of time away from the pressures of daily life with your loved ones. Enjoy a luxurious and special moment with the seasonal landscapes and the scent of the forest feeling now and then a stir of living things.


  • Address

    2750-284 Ojima, Matsukawamachi, Shimoinagun, Nagano Pref.

  • Phone


  • Access

    5 mins drive from Matsukawa IC

  • Parking

    1 car per dome, no charge

  • Check-in


  • Check-out


  • Price

    14,000 yen per person (no meals)

  • Rooms

    3 domes (up to 4 adults per dome)

  • Meal options


  • Facilities

    Private bathroom (no shower) and Parking

  • Pets

    Not allowed

  • Baths

    Not available

How to find out more and make reservations?

Explore our web site, and make inquiries through the contact page.
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