Orchard Restaurant Matsukawa in Nagano

From "Farm to Table" to "Table to Farm" | an Unforgettable Fine Dining Experience in the middle of an Orchard


"Table to Farm" | Fine Dining under Tree Branches at Scenic Orchard in Nagano

Reservations for June and July 2024 are open!


1.About the Dining
3.Host Farms


Embraced on two sides by the Japanese Alps, the idyllic orchard town of Matsukawa in Nagano provides the stage for our experience.
Matsukawa is a well-known fruit picking destination and has a long-standing fruit farming tradition that goes back over 100 years. From June to November, there is plenty of fruit to savor- cherries, blueberries, peaches, and plums in the summer; grapes, pears, and of course, apples in the autumn.

Here, immersed in the picturesque beauty of Matsukawa’s time-honored orchards, we have embarked on an innovative farm-to-table experience.
Bringing the farm to the restaurant table hardly seemed enough, so we decided to go even farther and bring the tables to the farm. The tree trunks are our walls and the foliage is our roof.

Orchard Restaurant Matsukawa, our unique outdoor dining experience, opened in Matsukawa (Nagano) on October 8th, 2022. It offers the unique chance of feasting on a full-course French meal in the fairytale-like atmosphere of an orchard, surrounded by tree branches ripen with fruit, the breathtaking view of the Alps rising up in the background.
Following on the steps of the farm-to-table tradition, all our ingredients come from the local farms of Matsukawa Town and the Ina Valley.

More than anything, we want our guests to enjoy the magical space of Matsukawa’s orchards- spaces born from the encounter of nature, agriculture, and history.
We believe that sampling the food where it was grown makes it taste even better.
The restaurant has only five tables, so don’t miss your chance!



What is the Schedule of the Event?


Orchard Restaurant Matsukawa is held every weekend from April to November, each time at a different orchard.
The meeting time is set in advance, and the event starts once all participants show up.

Borrowing from the European winery tour customs, we begin with a short tour of the grounds. The owner shows us around their orchard, telling a bit about fruit farming and offering fruit tasting when in season. Toward the end of the guided walk, we gather at the orchard’s most scenic spot to enjoy a simple aperitif of locally brewed hard cider together with the farmer.
This is the time to ask your questions or simply enjoy the farmer’s company.

Once all glasses are emptied, we head to the dining area to sit and dine.


  • Orchardレストランまつかわ



What is on the menu?


There are seven courses: amuse-bouche, meat appetizer, fish appetizer, soup, main dish, dessert, and coffee or tea. This is a staple, but every other aspect changes with the season.

All main ingredients are locally sourced from the area’s farms and orchards. Matsukawa is a treasure trove for fresh products- fruit but also organic vegetables, freshwater fish, and even pork and wild game.

And let’s not forget the thriving cider and wine production. The three breweries in town make various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks made with fruit from their own farms. We offer a cider/wine pairing option with labels from all three breweries both at lunch and dinner.

Seasonal Information


Our orchards show completely different faces around the year. Delicate white blossoms in the spring, sweet strawberries in June, juicy and fragrant peaches and plums in the summer, and vibrant red apples all throughout autumn.



June is the month of cherries. There are over 20 orchards in Matsukawa where you can pick delicious cherries with your own hands. Dinner at Orchard Restaurant in June means dining under a vault of cherry trees, the fruit so close you can reach it by extending your arm.



The first half of the month is all about blueberries, while the second half is peach season. Japanese peaches are absolutely delicious, sweet and juicy. Depending on the day, you can dine inside a peach orchard, the sweet fragrance of ripe fruit infusing the air with its aroma.


How to Reserve


①Click on the “Reserve” button on the top right
②Choose a date from the calendar
③Click on the “quantity” button to select the numbers of tables to reserve
※1 table sits 2 people
④Select the number of people for each table







2024 Spring Menu (example)

Amago Trout Paste
Ichida Dried Persimmon monaka wafer with venison tartare filling
Organic Vegetable Flan

Hors-d’oeuvre froid
Alps Salmon Fillet crepe made with Matsukawa buckwheat flower
wild vegetables and taro

Hors-d’oeuvre chaud
Asparagus from Macchan Farm
bamboo shoots, homemade bacon, and Yubeshi miso

Granny Smith Hot Soup
with spicy Sable Cookie

Sansan Farm’s Black Pork Loin Smoked Roast
with Apple Chutney and Spicy Risotto

Strawberry mousse cake

Café ou thé
Locally Roasted Coffee Brew or Tenryumura Japanese Black Tea


Host Farms:
Fruit Garden Kitazawa
Large family-run orchard stretching over two hectars. The farm has prune, pear, and old apple trees over 60 years old.
Beside the orchard, they also own a cidery- Marukame Brewery.
When the restaurant tour is held here, you will get to dine in the shade of the old apple trees.
(Pets allowed)
This farm owns one of the three wineries in town.
They have been producing wine and cider with fruits grown in their own orchards since 2018.
When the restaurant tour is held here, you will get to dine among vineyard trellis.
Kayama Farm
This is an intimate little farm, tucked away out of sight.
They grow cherries, grapes, and apples.
The event is held in the cherry orchard in spring, and in the apple orchard in summer and autumn.(Pets allowed)
Fruit Farm Yoneyama
A farm specialized in Fuji apples, which also grows blueberries, cherries, and pears on the side.
When here, you will either dine in the cherry or apple orchard. (Small and medium sized pets allowed)
Ringo no Oka Farm
Cozy farm perched on top of a hill. Their harvest includes cherries, blueberries, peaches, and apples.
Apple, Cherry, and Peach orchards are all available as restaurant venues. (Pets allowed)
Yuzawa Farm
This farm has blueberries, Japanese pears, apples, and even their original hard cider.
The tour will be held either in the apple or Japanese pear orchard.(Pets allowed)
Kumachan Farm
Kumachan Farm sits at an elevation of about 650~750m. They grow cherries, Japanese pears, and apples.
The restaurant is set up in the cherry orchard. (Small sized pets allowed)
Marutomo Okuta Farm
This farm offers cherries, grapes, apples, and a great view on both the central and southern Alps.
Tours are held either in the cherry orchard or in the vineyard.(Pets allowed)



  • Open

    from April to November

  • Business hours

    Lunch   11:00~13:00
    Dinner  (varies depending on the season)
    ※it starts 30 minutes before sunset and lasts for about 2h

  • Price for lunch/dinner

    Adults(13 or older)14,000 yen/person(tax included)
    ※Orchard guided walk, aperitif,
    full-course dinner included

    Children(6~12)3,000 yen/person(tax included)
    ※Children menu includes soup, main dish
    and dessert

    Children aged 5 or younger do not have to pay,
    but we cannot provide a special menu or baby chair for them.

  • Price for stay plan (Seiryuen)

    Stay at local inn (breakfast included)+dinner at orchard
    (Free shuttle service available)
    *all prices are tax included.
    single use 23,470〜27,870 yen p.p
    2 people sharing 1 room 22,370〜26,770 yen p.p
    3+ people sharing 1 room 21,270〜25,670 yen p.p

    About the stay
    ・Breakfast included plan
    ・Room type will be assigned by staff depending on availability。
    (If you wish to reserve a specific room type, please contact us by phone or contact form)
    Every room is provided with an in-room toilet. All rooms are non-smoking.
    ・Room capacity:1〜7 people
    ・Hot spring facility(Indoor large bath・Open air bath)
    ・Dinner at Orchard Restaurant Matsukawa included
    ・Shuttle service to and fro dinner venue included
    ・Free shuttle from closest bus and train station at check-in and check-out

  • Max. no of people

    10 people

  • Reservations are accepted for groups of

    1 person or more

  • Min. no of people

    4 people

  • Reservation deadline

    10 days in advance

  • What to bring

    Comfortable shoes, warm clothes (for dinner), and bug repellent (in the summer)
    *More details will be given at the time of reservation.

  • Access

    ・From Nagoya (2h by bus)
    Shuttle service available for 500 yen p.p
    ・From Tokyo (3h by bus)
    Shuttle service available for 500 yen p.p
    ・From Okaya (1.5h by train)
    Shuttle service available for 500 yen p.p

  • Notes

    ・In case of rain, we will change the location to a roofed cherry orchard.
    However, the tour will be cancelled if there is a chance of extremely bad weather,
    like typhoons, heavy rain, flood warnings, and other emergency situations.
    In case of cancellation due to weather, cancellation policy does not apply.

    ・There is no age restriction, but we cannot provide any special arrangement for small children.

    ・Please inform us at the moment of reservation if you have any allergy

    ・Policy concerning pets:
    If the host orchard allows pets, you can enjoy the experience together with your pooch.

  • Cancellation policy

    10~2 days prior: 30% of total amount
    1 day prior: 50% of total amount
    Day of activity: 100% of total amount

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