【2D1N】 Orchard Gourmet Adventure Tour


Reservations for April 2024 are open!


Located in the far south of Nagano Prefecture, tucked away in the bosom of the Ina Valley between the central and southern Alps, Matsukawa is a well-known orchard town.

Fruit farming in the area is no new endeavor. The first attempts at growing fruits began far back in the Edo period, with full-fledged orchards making their appearance in the Taisho period, over 100 years ago. While Matsukawa owes its fame to Fuji apples and Japanese pears, local fruit production has since expanded to include cherries, blueberries, peaches, plums, prunes, and grapes. From June to November, there is always some fruit ripening on the tree branches.

By joining our gastronomy tour, you can delve deep into local farming life and feast on gourmet dishes and fine wines, all while admiring the fairytale-like scenery of our time-honored orchards.

First, we will embark on a brewery tour.
There are three breweries in Matsukawa, which produce high-quality hard ciders and wines with fruit from their orchards. We will pay a visit to each winery, where you will have the chance to join a short guided tour and do a tasting of 2~3 wine or cider labels. There will also be delicious finger food to accompany your drinks.
Don’t worry about choosing a driver- the tour includes transportation. We will pick you up from your accommodation (Seiryuen) and drive you to destination.

After you have visited the last brewery, it is time for dinner.
And what is the best place to dine in Matsukawa if not an orchard.
Orchard Restaurant Matsukawa, our unique outdoor restaurant, allows you to enjoy a fine course meal surrounded by fruit trees. Not something you get to experience every day.

Before you sit down and eat, you get to spend some quality time with the orchard owner. We will walk through the orchard together as the farmer tells us about his farm and how to grow top-quality fruit. Before parting, the owner will show us to the most scenic spot of the orchard, where we will sip locally produced hard cider while watching the sunset paint the sky pink.

Once all glasses are emptied, let’s enjoy our alfresco dinner. The dusk will slowly give way to the evening, with the twinkling stars and illuminated fruit trees staring out against the night.

When it is time to go back, a shuttle service from the hotel will come pick us up. Seiryuen is a hot spring inn, which means you can soak in the bath and warm yourself up before bed.

The next morning, you will wake up to more delicious food.
We will put together a special breakfast, where local fruit plays the main role.
The menu is a collaboration with the Orchard Restaurant’s chef and includes all the best seasonal fruit.




Check-in at Seiryuen
Seiryuen→Mashino Wine
(Transportation included)
Guided brewery tour、hard cider tasting (2 types), original snack

Mashino Wine→VinVie
Guided brewery tour、hard cider and wine tasting (3 types), original snack

VinVie→ Marukame Brewery
Guided brewery tour、hard cider tasting (2 types), original snack


・Orchard Restaurant Matsukawa (dinner)


Go back to accommodation
(free shuttle service)


7:30~8:30 Fruit breakfast

〜10:00 Check-out



Seasonal Information


Our orchards show completely different faces around the year. Delicate white blossoms in the spring, sweet strawberries in June, juicy and fragrant peaches and plums in the summer, and vibrant red apples all throughout autumn.



April is all about flowers. The first ones to bloom are the pink peach blossoms, then one after the other, cherry, pear, and finally, apple blossoms open up and brighten up the orchards.
Nature rarely follows expected patterns, but below you can find in what period the flowers usually bloom.

Peach: First week of April
Cherry: First two weeks of April
Pear: Mid-April
Apple: Last two weeks of April





  • Open

    from April to November

  • Business hours

    From 13:45 on DAY1 〜 to 10:00 on DAY2
    (2 days 1 night)

  • Price

    40,000~50,000 yen/person(tax included)
    *depending on the season

  • What is included

    Accommodation at Seiryuen, original breakfast, Orchard Restaurant dinner,
    brewery tour, wine and cider tastings (7 types), transportation during brewery tour, insurance

  • Max. no of people

    8 people

  • Reservations are accepted for

    groups of 1 person or more

  • Min. no of people

    2 people

  • Reservation deadline

    10 days in advance

  • What to bring

    Comfortable shoes, a jacket (for dinner), and bug repellent (in the summer)

  • Access

    ・From Nagoya (2h by bus)
    ・From Tokyo (3h by bus)

  • Notes

    ・In case of rain, we will change the location to a roofed cherry orchard.
    However, the tour will be cancelled if there is a chance of extremely bad weather,
    like typhoons, heavy rain, flood warnings, and other emergency situations.
    In case of cancellation due to weather, cancellation policy does not apply.
    ・Please inform us at the moment of reservation if you have any allergy

  • Cancellation policy

    10~2 days prior: 30% of total amount
    1 day prior: 50% of total amount
    Day of activity: 100% of total amount

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